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What is "1 Year Subscription" and how to turn off the "Automatic Renewal Service"?

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1. What is 1 Year Subscription?
When purchasing from the official website, you have two license types to choose from: 1 Year Subscription and Lifetime License. If you choose 1 Year Subscription, you are only allowed to use this license for one year and after that you can renew if you want.

2. What is Automatic Renewal Service and to turn it off?
Automatic Renewal Service is that the payment platform will charge the amount automatically (plus applicable taxes) prior to expiration of the product license when you buy a 1 Year Subscription.

The payment(Swreg or Avangate) will send you a letter to warn that the order is going to be expired 7days in advance. The e-mail will also provide instructions about how to turn off the "Automatic Renewal Service".

If you want to turn off the Automatic Renewal Service, you can cancel your enrollment by visiting the Cancel Subscription link at SWREG customer support (https://www.cardquery.com), and clicking on "I want to cancel my recurring payment."

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