AllMyMusic for macOS: Secure Kernel Extension Loading troubleshooting

Last Revised: 2019-12-18 17:20:03

AllMyMusic for macOS: Secure Kernel Extension Loading troubleshooting


Due to a new security mechanism that Apple has released with MacOS 10.13, called Secure Kernel Extension Loading (SKEL), all non-Apple kernel extension (what we use to intercept files, etc) vendors must be manually added to a trusted list (Any user can add this). This allows the kernel extensions to load and is required for AllMyMusic to function properly. All 3rd party vendors are impacted by this change, and it is not possible to work around this requirement.

Note: Due to an Apple security restriction, this cannot be done via a remote desktop connection. There must be a locally logged on user. The Allow button will show, but be grayed out if it is accessed via remote desktop.

After installing AllMyMusic, go to Apple System Preferences > Security & Privacy window.
Near the bottom of the window, it will list the blocked Kernel Extensions (kexts) by AllMyMusic. Click Allow.
Once authorized, all future AllMyMusic kernel extensions are allowed, even after uninstallation. This step is not needed again on a reinstall.
Some customers have had issues with this, and should do the troubleshooting below.

What to do

If the kexts do not load after the above steps, or the prompt to allow the kext does not show, here are the steps to authorize the kext manually.

Boot into Recovery mode (Apple Article ht201314)
Open the Terminal (From the menu at the top)
Run the command: /usr/sbin/spctl kext-consent add YZC2T44ZDX

There are some customers who we have seen run into this issue even after these steps. Apple has acknowledged that there is a bug in 10.13 and 10.14.0 that can cause an issue. It is fixed in 10.14.1 (released October 30, 2018).

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