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How to insert images, equations, hyperlinks and edit fonts in the question?

Last Revised: 2018-02-03 13:37:42
To insert images, equations, hyperlinks and edit fonts in the question, please follow the solution below:

1. The font, size and color of the texts in the question can be customized.
Font: Select the texts, and choose font from the Font drop-down list.
Size: Select the texts, and choose size from the Size drop-down list.
Font style: Select the texts, and choose Bold, Italic or Underline to change the font style.
Color: Select the texts, and click the down arrow in the lower right part of the Font group to choose the color.

2. Hyperlinks for the texts can be added by selecting the texts, clicking the Hyperlink button to open the editing window.

3. Images can be added in question and answer area. Click the place where you want to insert an image, click the Image button in the Insert group, and then click Import Image to import local pictures or click Capture Screen to capture a screenshot.
Supported formats: JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, EMF, WMF.

4. Equations can be inserted
into questions and answers in some question types.  Click the place where you want to insert an equation, click the Equation button in the Insert group to open the Equation Editing window. Refer to Equation Editing for more instructions.

There are two rows in the gallery. Symbols are in the upper row and templates are in the lower row.
Type an equation in the editing box by inserting the symbols or templates.

If the template contains placeholders, click in the placeholders or press TAB or arrow keys to make the pointer in the placeholders and type the numbers or symbols that you want. Equation placeholders are small, dotted boxes in an equation  .
1.    Simple equations

To type an equation that contains only one line:
Type the numbers and insert symbols in the equation editing box and separate each line by pressing ENTER.
After finishing editing the equation, click outside the equation editing box to go on with the question or insert another equation.
Tip: To modify the equation, double-click it and then edit it in the box.

2.    Powers
This equation consists of power and number. To type a number with a power:
Input the number in the editing box.
Choose the Superscript template , and fill the placeholder with the power number.

3.    Scientific notation
Do the same as inputting a power stated above.

4.    Algebra
Choose the Fence template from the gallery to get brackets.
Type numbers and letters or symbols in the brackets, and then press TAB or the RIGHT ARROW key to move the pointer outside the brackets.
Add the rest of the expression in the same way, and press ENTER at the end of each line.

5.    Greek letters and formulae

There are Greek letters in the gallery, so you can add them to the equation by clicking the symbols.

6.    Fraction and radical expression
To insert a fraction or a radical expression,
Select a Fraction template .
Type the numerator in upper placeholder of the fraction.
Press TAB or DOWN ARROW to move the pointer into the lower placeholder.
Type the denominator in the lower placeholder of the fraction.
Press TAB or click in next element placeholder to type in another element.
Do the same to edit a radical expression.

7.    Matrix
To create a matrix,
Choose the Fence template from the gallery to get brackets.
Choose the Matrix template from the gallery.
Enter the number in each element placeholder.
Tip: If you have to enter some same elements in the matrix, you can copy and paste to save time. Select the element by double-clicking it, press CTRL+C to copy it, and click in another placeholder, press CTRL+V to paste the element.

8.    Complex equations

The equation editor does not provide equation structures as Microsoft Word does. It may take you a little more time to edit a complex equation like this.  But you can get the equation structures from Word and copy them into your question.

Note: The equations copied from Word cannot be edited with the Equation Editor. They are imported as images.
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