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How to fix “iTunes Player Error”?

Last Revised: 2014-04-01 18:17:05

To convert iTunes DRM files, the program will open iTunes in separate window, play the DRM file, and record the file playback to remove the protection. The program will display “iTunes Player Error” if it fails to open iTunes, or the file is rented as the program is not allowed to convert rented files.
For rented iTunes DRM files
Please record the video playback of the DRM file instead.
How to record a video?

For non-rented iTunes DRM files
1. Download iTunes from the link below and install it.

2. Set iTunes to play in a separate window.
Why do I need to set iTunes  to play in separate window?

3. Close other programs as the DRM file conversion is very CPU sensitive. Please also press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open the Windows Task Manager window and end unnecessary processes under the Process tab that have their User Name as Administrator.

4. Click the Menu button , choose Preferences and under the DRM tab set the Capture Size to Half of Original.

If this fails to resolve the fault please contact us with all files in the log folder from the installation path for analysis.
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