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How do you add background music for the DVD Menu?

Last Revised: 2018-02-03 13:37:42
The following instructions will assist in adding music to the DVD menu:

1. On the Menu tab, click on Customize Background Music and this will open the Customize window.

2. Click on the Add music icon and choose the music that you want to add. The three effects Fade in, Fade out, and repeat are set on as default. If you don’t need a specific effect, just click off it off and it will be removed from the settings. In the Trim Music section you can choose the specific location of the audio file that you want to use, and set the start time and end time.

Note: The duration of the background music for the menu should be less than 25 seconds. You are also able to adjust the volume on the volume bar.

Tip: Check Apply to all Pages to apply the music to all menu pages.

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