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How do I install MobileGo on my device?

Last Revised: 2018-02-03 11:31:34
We offer three different methods for installing MobileGo onto your device. Try the following:

1. Install the MobileGo application on your computer, and then connect your device via your USB cable. The App will then be installed on your device automatically.
2. We also have the app available to download from this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wondershare.mobilego if you access from your mobile device, it will be downloaded directly.
3. If you have a QR code scanner on your phone, you are able to download it directly by using the QR scanner below, and it will start the download directly for you, and then install MobileGo.

For more detailed information, visit the link http://www.wondershare.com/android-manager/download-mobilego-app.html
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