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What to do if I don't receive the registration code after placing the order.

Last Revised: 2014-08-21 19:59:09

Generally, once the order is validated, the system will automatically send you a registration e-mail containing the download URL. If you did not receive it on time, perhaps it is tagged as a SPAM or it's because of the delay of Internet or system glitches.

You can retrieve the registration code via our online registration code retrieval system by submitting Licensed e-mail or Order number. If you still couldn't retrieve it, contact us with the Order ID or Licensed E-mail.

Tip: We suggest you confirm whether your order has been successfully processed by checking on the link if you purchase the product by Swreg.
SWREG: https://www.cardquery.com/app/support/customer/order/search/not_received_keycode

If you buy the product from our resellers, agents or eBay , the purchase record will not in our order system.
You can contact us with the following information:
    - order ID
    - name, email address on the order
    - date and amount of the charge
    - name of the site the purchase was made on
    - name of the product(s) purchased


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