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Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Getting Started

Last Revised: 2013-12-10 12:25:51


Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a powerful program that combines different functions. It can help you:
  • Convert media files to videos/songs compatible with various devices
  • Burn videos and DVDs to DVD.
  • Download online videos.
  • Capture video playback on the computer.
To check more settings for the program, you can click Menu, Preferences. You can also click Feedback to check more FAQs for the program.


To convert media files( videos/songs/DVDs) to other format compatible with various devices or media players, please go to the Convert section of the program. 

Load Files

You can click Add Files to load audio file or videos, or click Load DVD to load disc/DVD folder/ISO file. On the Load DVD window, you can choose to load the DVD/DVD folder/ISO file in Main Movie or All Movies mode.

• To arrange the file order of the loaded files, you can drag the file down or up.
• To rename the output file, you can point to a file name until "T"appears to rename it. You can also right-click a file to choose Rename
• To check File Information of the loaded files, you can right-click to choose Source File Information.

Edit Videos(optional)

After you load a video or DVD/DVD folder/ISO file, you can click the Edit button to open editing window. You can trim, crop the video, add video effect, watermark or plug in subtitle into the video.


• To undo all operations, you can click Reset.
• To select available audio track, you can click Audio Track. Click the Subtitle button to select available subtitle in the file.

Add metadata(optional)

Click Metadata button, you can search or edit the metadata info of the loaded files. Make sure that the Show Name is correct. The Language and Type can be selectable. The Type is corresponding to the media kind of iTunes. Click Search to get metadata information. If the result is not what you want, you can choose other result on the left of the window or edit it manually. Click OK to save the information. After conversion, the metadata will be saved in converted video.

Customize Output Settings

After you load a file to the program, please choose a needed output format from Output Format section. You can click the Settings button if you want to set the parameter for the output file, including resolution, bit rate, output quality, frame rate, and so on.

• If you click the Settings button to select output quality as Small Size ( low quality), Standard, High Quality, the parameter settings will be adjusted by the  program automatically.
• The output format will be applied to all files on the file list.
• If you want to merge all files on the file list to one after conversion, please check Merge all videos into one file option.
• The program will sign the video if the source file format and output format support GPU Accelerate Conversion or High Speed Conversion

You can choose the profile from Format>3D under Output Format tab, if you want to convert 2D files to 3D files.

Start Conversion

Click the Convert button to start the conversion. If you want to stop the conversion, please click the Stop button.
When the conversion is finished, please click Open Folder to find the output file. You can click the Browse button to set the output folder.


Go to the Burn section of the program, you can burn videos and DVDs, to DVD.

Click the Add Files button to load a video or click the Load DVD button to load a DVD folder/ISO file. Before burning the files to DVD, you can click the Edit button to trim, crop the video or add effect/watermark/subtitle to the video first.

The program allows you to customize the DVD settings on the right pane of the interface.
Change Template: Click Change Template, the program will open a Burn to DVD window for you to customize your DVD menu. Click the OK button to save the settings.
  • Choose a menu template from the Window.
  • Change the DVD name and click  to customize the font for the DVD name.
  • Click  to add a picture as background picture for the menu, or add a song as background music.
  • DVD Label: Type a name as a DVD label for the DVD.
Burn to: Choose to burn the files to DVD ISO Files DVD Folder.
Video Quality: Adjust the quality for the DVD as High Quality, Standard or Fit to Disc.
Aspect Ratio: Set the aspect ratio of the DVD as 4:3 or 16:9.
Option: Click the Option button, a small menu will come up for you to set saving path for ISO file/DVD folders and set TV Standard as NTSC or PAL.


The Download feature enable you to download online videos from popular sites, such as YouTube videos.

Here are two methods for you to download videos.
Download from plug-in of browser:

1. Open a video link on browser(IE/FireFox/Chrome).
2. Play the video on the browser, point to the playing video, a Download button will show on the right top.
3. Click the Download button, the program will download the video automatically.

Download with video link:
Go to Download tab, copy the video link, and click Add URL to download the online video.

• You can find all downloaded videos by clicking the Finished tab. Right-click a file, you can choose to clear/delete/play the videos, open file location or send the video to the Convert or Burn section.

Video Recorder

The feature is for recording video playback online or on the computer. Click the Start menu of the computer to activate WonderShare Video Recorder function under All Programs>Wondershare>Video Converter Ultimate.

Play the video you want to record in a media player, an REC button will show on the left- top of the playing window. Click the REC button, the program will record the video automatically, and then add the recorded file to the file list of the program.

Note: The format of the recorded file is WMV. If you want to change it to other formats, you need to convert the recorded video.

Tip: Press F10 to stop the recording. Extend the functions after Retake, you find the option to stop the recording automatically in scheduled time.

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