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Can I recover data from broken Android device?

Last Revised: 2018-08-27 18:19:22
Are you depressed because data can not be retrieved from your broken phone? No worries, Dr.Fone can help you!
1. Conditions
1) Data Recovery for Broken Phone ONLY. If your phone is damaged, for example, black screen, unable to enter the system or the touch screen can not be used, you can use this feature to recover data from the phone.
2) Data Recovery for existing data only.
3) Data Recovery for Samsung devices only.
2. Very important
1) DO NOT unplug your phone before exiting the program.
2) Currently the supported devices are limited. Please make sure to select the correct device model to protect your phone from being bricked or other problems beyond any remedy. In addition, we are trying to add more devices in the future update to meet your needs.
3) You’d better not run other Android related software at the same time for fear of conflict.
3. How to us
1) Start Dr.Fone and connect your device.
2) Click  to begin.

3) Select a phone fault type.

4) Select your device model. Make sure it is accurate.

5) Follow the guide to enter the Download mode:

6) Then Dr.Fone will automatically analyze the phone and download recovery package on your phone.
7) Preview and recover deleted data on the device.
4. Potential problems and remedies

1) Stuck in download mde
In case the recovery fails and the mobile phone is in Download mode, you can click "Exit download mode" to exit, or Press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds, or directly remove battery  to exit Download mode.
If you can not enter the system, please use the "fix my bricked phone" function.

2) Stuck in recovery mode
Your device will be in the recovery mode (an unavailable state) all through the recovery process. Do not disconnect USB cable during the scan. After the restore is complete, close the program
and phone will get back to normal.
If the data recovery is complete but your device keeps in frozen state, please restart Dr.Fone and connect your device, the program will prompt you to exit recovery mode.
Feel free to contact us if the methods above didn't help.

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