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What different features can I get between the EdrawMind Free version and the Paid version?

The free version of EdrawMind provides access to the following features:

  • Formatting options for shapes and branches.
  • A choice of 6 themes out of the available 33.
  • The ability to insert relationships, callouts, hyperlinks, attachments, summaries, boundaries, comments, and notes.
  • Inserting marks and managing mark groups.
  • Adding tags to your content.
  • Changing the background.
  • Adjusting layouts and connector styles.
  • Switching to the Outline view.
  • Importing files from MindManager and EdrawMax.
  • Saving and printing your work.
  • Export your mind maps to various graphic formats, including .png, .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, and more.

For a detailed comparison of features, you can refer to the "EdrawMind Online Store" section to explore additional functionalities available in different versions.

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