How to do Windows Restore.

Last Revised: 2015-10-29 21:08:22

Windows boot-up failure may be caused by many reasons: Windows system file is missing or corrupted, DPT(Disk Partition Table) is corrupt, MBR is damaged, Registry is corrupted. If you had backed up Windows/MBR/DPT/Registry to be saved as backup files before, you can restore these backup files when Windows gets corrupted or unstable.

Note: Windows restore will restore your entire system and data files to the back up time point. If you have important files edited after that time point, please use data transfer to backup your data first.

Click Windows Recovery, you will see Windows Restore on the left side. Click it you will see window as below:

a. Select the target windows.

b. Select the path of the backup file.

c. Click Restore to start restoring.

The steps of DPT Restore, MBR Restore, Registry Restore are the same as Windows Restore.

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