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How to load a DVD?

There are two ways to load the DVD into the product.
1. Click on Load DVD and select the DVD drive of your computer, and then choose the Video_TS folder and that will load it for you. You can then choose Main Movie or All Movies according to what you want to copy.

To see the difference between these two modes, visit this link.
If you need to load the DVD from an IFO file, follow these instructions:

1. Once you have inserted a disc, you can select Load IFO Files à Video_TS and choose the biggest IFO file, which will contain the main movie. This will allow you to bypass some of the unnecessary parts of the DVD and decrease the conversion time.

Tip: To find the biggest IFO file, right-click (right mouse button) on the IFO, and choose properties to check the file size.

 To load DVDs, here is an alternative, please kindly have a try.

1. Insert the DVD to your computer to make sure it plays normally. If it does play normally, please copy and paste the VIDEO_TS folder to your computer.

2. Drag the VOB files from the VIDEO_TS folder to the program to continue your work.

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