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What can I do if I fail to login Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate?

Last Revised: 2018-08-27 18:19:24
If you forget registration code, please go to below link to retrieve it:

Please copy and paste link below into your browser to download the full installer. Firefox is recommended.

After the installation, open the program, click Main menu > Register to open the registration window, then copy and paste the following registration info to it:

If you fail to login our product, please try the version as below:

Download link: http://download.wondershare.com/com.wondershare.videoconverter/com.wondershare.videoconverter.main_sku-ween_1116.exe

If you forgot your password,please check this link to resend your password: http://my.wondershare.com/user/forgetPassword

If this does not solve your issue, you can contact us for assistance. To allow us to locate the problem quicker we would request that you include a screenshot of the registration window with the e-mail and registration filled in for further troubleshooting.

If you receive keygen_error, that is to say, that product is not using code activation mode, you just need to log out and log in after you place the order. After that, you can enjoy all features without limitation.
If you purchase the product from our agency, you may not retrieve the code as they don't share customer information with us.
If you purchase the product from App store, you don't need a code, just launch App store and go to Purchase tab to use it directly.

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What can I do if I fail to login Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate?