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What can I do if my refund request is declined?

Wondershare generally does NOT refund or exchange software in the following situations:

Non-technical Circumstances

1) Regardless to pre-purchase software introduction that finally led to unsatisfaction and subsequent refund complaint. It is highly recommended that every customer reads the product description and give a try to free trial version before making their final purchase decision. Wondershare does not refund software if it failed to meet customer's needs due to lack of basic understanding to software functions and capabilities. However, Wondershare helps exchange purchased software for the correct product outright, providing price difference between software not exceeding USD20 within guaranteed time limit. If purchased software has been exchanged for correct one of lower price Wondershare does not refund that price difference.

2) Refund request on complaint of credit card fraud / other unauthorized payment. Wondershare recommends customers to contact card issuer if any fraud suspicion or unauthorized payment unfortunately happened. As Wondershare cooperates with independent payment platforms so it's impossible to monitor authorization during any payment, once an order has been processed and fulfilled it can't be canceled. But Wondershare helps exchange purchased software for the one under customers’ demand.

3) Claim of failed receiving any registration code within two hours after payment accomplished. Normally Wondershare automatically sends a confirmation email with registration code within 1 hour after one payment has been finished for the software. However, the email sometime will be late to be delivered due to for example internet issue, system glitches, email spam settings and typo etc. In this case, customers are recommended to visit Wondershare Support Center to retrieve the registration code manually and all queries will be responded to within 24 hours.

4) Purchase of a wrong product, which has already been followed by having repurchased correct software from another company.

5) Wondershare software price difference among different regions or between Wondershare and other companies.

6) Partial refund request for a bundle. Wondershare cooperates with a third party payment platform which does not support any partial refund in an order, whereas Wondershare may refund the whole bundle after customers have repurchased correct software separately within guaranteed period of the purchased bundle.

7) A customer has a 'change of mind' after purchase.

Technical Circumstances

1) A refund request due to technical trouble, and customers refused to cooperate with Wondershare support team in attempts to troubleshoot with requiring detailed descriptions and information regarding the problem, or refused to apply any working resolutions provided by Wondershare support team.

2) A refund request for technical problems after software has been updated, especially when the order exceeded guaranteed period.

3) With regard to software as Wondershare dr.fone for iOS, transferring the recovered data back to the device is a value-added function so any possible failure if unfortunately occurred will not be eligible for a refund, instead we provide technical support.

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