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What is the fix if the burned DVD does not play correctly on my home DVD player?

Last Revised: 2018-08-27 18:19:21
If you are unable to play the burned DVD on your home DVD player, try the following options to see if they will help.

The first thing to check is to ensure that the DVD plays fine on your computer after it has been burned. If it does play fine, it’s possible there is an incompatibility between the disc and the DVD player, or possibly that the disc was burned using the wrong TV standard. Try these options before burning a disc to get better results.

1. Before you burn the disc, ensure that you have the correct TV standard for your country (NTSC or PAL)

2. Double check to make sure that the blank DVD that you used is supported by your DVD player or TV. If you aren’t sure, check the following link which will help you decide what disc to choose.


If the burned disc will not play on the computer or the DVD player, that is usually an indication of an incomplete burn, or a failed burn. Try the following methods to burn a new copy of the DVD.

1. Double check to ensure that you have enough space in your Temp File. If you do not have enough space, click on Settings> General to find the path to the temp file, and here you can also redirect the temp file location to be at a different location with more space.

2. Double check to make sure that your DVD drive is working.

3. Click on Create>Burn to DVD> Options to select StarBurn if WinBurn doesn’t work.

4. Also on Create>Output Settings, select Create DVD Image File to burn the slideshow to an ISO file. Check to make sure that the ISO file plays properly, and then use an alternative burning software such as Nero or Roxio to burn the ISO file to disc. Another way is to use the built in DVD burning tools in Windows, and this link will give information on using that.


In addition to burning to DVD, our software can still create the file in many of the more popular video formats such as mp4, mov, or others. If your DVD player or TV support playing files from a flash drive, you can save the file in one of the video formats and transfer it to your flash drive to play on the device.

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