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What to do when the music tags can't be acquired?

Last Revised: 2018-08-27 18:19:01
The product applies the advanced Gracenote MusicID® Technology to search the ID3 of the music files. Generally it can identify ID3 successfully, meanwhile, the following situations may cause it to acquire the music tags incorrectly or unsuccessfully.

1) Gracenote MusicID can recognize the music tags of the file from the first 20 seconds of the music. If the recording is started after the 20 seconds of the file, the music tags won't be acquired. Or if the first 20 seconds is similar with another song, it may recognize the ID 3 incorrectly.

2) The playing and recording of the music is interfered by other sound on the computer, which may affect the acquiring of the music tags.

3) The song is not popular. It is not in the Gracenote MusicID library.

It is suggested to test more files to see whether this occurs on some special file or not.
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