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How do I change my account email?

Step 1 Log in to your account center.

Step 2 Go to Account -> Profile and click Change E-mail.

Step 3 For security purposes, you need to verify you are the account owner first.

  • Click Send Code and go to check your current email to find the verification code.
  • Input the verification code and then click Next step.

Step 4 To make sure your new email is valid, you also need to verify it.

  • Enter your new email and click Send Code.
  • Go to check your new email to find the verification code.
  • Input verification code and click Submit.


1. Verification code is valid for one hour. Kindly double-check the inbox or spam box to find it. Or you can resend it 60 Seconds later.
2. If your new email has been registered as Wondershare account already, the system will pop up a tip saying that the change cannot be done. But you can contact Customer Service to change your account email manually in such cases or when you encounter other difficulties.
3. You can change your account email only one time every 30 days. 

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