What if WhatsApp Transfer can't restore from local backup?

MobileTrans helps to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android device, and you can see WhatsApp content (messages, media) after you restore from local backup on Android phone. But it may happen that WhatsApp doesn't prompt to let you restore WhatsApp messages from phone's internal storage. 

You can follow the two steps to troubleshoot:

1. Please double-check if you have logged in google play previously on Android phone. MobileTrans will prompt and ask you to enter google account when you start to transfer. If you log in google play, please enter and do not skip it. 

If you log in google play but don't enter the account on MobileTrans, there would be no WhatsApp messages on Android though MobileTrans says it completed. At this time, you have to transfer once more through MobileTrans from the beginning and type in google account in the prompt on MobileTrans.

2. If you enter the Google account in the first step but still can't restore from local backup, please check the WhatsApp version installed on Android phone. Generally our MobileTrans would uninstall existing WhatsApp app and helps to install WhatsApp of 2.18.248 version to Android phone automatically, after MobileTrans completes transferring. You don't need to install by yourself. If MobileTrans doesn't install for you, and you install WhatsApp manually from Google play, the newer version WhatsApp would not detect the local backup that MobileTrans transfers to the device.

In this case, you should uninstall WhatsApp and install it again. Before you uninstall the latest WhatsApp, delete the files of msgstore.db.crypt12 under Databases in WhatsApp folder on phone. Because it would create files of msgstore.db.crypt12 once you install WhatsApp app higher than 2.18.248. It would be problem if you don't delete that msgstore.db.crypt12 file. After you confirm it contains just msgstore.db and msgstore.db.crypt5 files within Databases folder, install 2.18.248 version of WhatsApp from the link below:

Then you can verify WhatsApp and see if you can restore messages and media from your phone's internal storage this time.

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