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Why is there no upgrade plan when I’m eligible to upgrade?

There are 4 situations if you see no upgrade plan:
① The license was invalid, which means it expired or refunded.
② The license you purchased is not a perpetual type but a yearly, team, or other type of license.
③ You have purchased from third-party channels, such as affiliates, resellers, agents, and giveaways.
④ You did not use the correct license email to check.

If your situation does not belong to the above, please contact the Support Team with the screenshot of your valid order/payment details for our program, we will reply to you in 24 hours as soon as we can.

Currently, only the windows version DemoCreator 6 was released so the Upgrade page is only used for the windows version upgrade at present.
The mac version DemoCreator 6 is in development now and it will be probably released by the end of July. We will update the upgrade page by then accordingly.

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