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How to fix if Filmora installation is stuck at 0%?

If Filmora installation is stuck at 0% as the screenshot below shows on windows PC, please follow the following steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Exit the installation progress in the task manager;
  2. Switch a good network. Because the stuck might be caused by the unstable network.
  3. Check if your anti-virus programs blocked Filmora installation. Please turn off any of your an-virus programs (e.g. McAfee).
  4. Check if the Ransomware Protection setting on your Windows 10 blocked Filmora installation. A ransomware project can prevent some of the programs on your computer from installing categories to the Documents folder. This may cause installation and project-saving failure.
  5. Restart your computer and re-download and reinstall Filmora here.

If the issue persists, please Contact Support with a brief description of the problem. We will provide you with senior technical support as soon as we can.

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