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How to get the dump file when Filmora freezes or no response on Windows PC?

If your Filmora becomes unresponsive (“hangs”, “spins”), a dump file of the app process will help us figure out why, please collect the dump file as follows:

Step 1: Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete on the keyboard and select Task Manager.
Step 2: Click the “More details” tab and find Wondershare Filmora.
Step 3: Right-click to select “Create Dump File”.
Step 4: Once the process is finished, there will be a window show  ing the save lo cation for the dump file.
Step 5: Press The Windows key on the keyboard+R combination on your keyboard to open the "Run" dialog box.
Step 6: Enter this text "%temp%" and click "OK." This will open your temp folder.
Step 7: Find the file named Wondershare Filmora.DMP and send it to the customer service team.

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