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How to restore purchase for Filmora iOS?

If you failed to restore your subscription of Filmora ios on your iPhone or iPad, follow below steps to troubelshoot.
Step 1: Check if there is an update version in apple store, if yes, click it to update.
Step 2: Check if the network is stable or not, if not, switch to another stable network connection.
Step 3: Check if you have a valid subscription of Filmora ios in apple store, if no, purchase it firstly.
Step 4: Check if the customer has login multiple accounts in Apple Store,
if yes, remove all the accounts and only login with the purchased Apple id. if no, just log out and re-login again with the purchased Apple id.
Step 5: Open Filmora, Click Join Filmora to login with wondershare id. (If you don't have a wondershare id, ignore this step)
Step 6: After everything set down, Click Restore Purchase.

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