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How to resolve the error message There was an error connecting to the server when logging into Wondershare Filmora for Windows?

If you receive the following error when logging into your Wondershare ID on Filmora. You may refer to the guidelines provided here to resolve the issue.

Step 1: Check the software version on Filmora, and make sure you are using the latest version.
Step 2: Press Window+R to open Run, input cmd, and then click OK.
Step 3: In the popup window, input ping
Step 4: Press Enter key to see if it is a timeout.
Step 5: If it is not timeout, open this link in the browser.(
If the connection is normal, check if the following icon {} will be returned.
Step 6: If it is a timeout or can't open the link, it means Filmora is being blocked by the user LSP, suggest asking the LSP to enable;
Step 7: If you can open the link but still can't login Filmora,please send the log files to our support team along with a description of what you have tried before, and we will gladly assist you further!

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