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What can I do if I have a lifetime license and have paid for the upgrade to Filmora 12?

Due to the lack of clear license information on the purchasing page of Filmora 9 and before versions, we are determined to make things right on the lifetime license upgrade issues.

To that end, we offered two compensation options to affected Filmora 9 and before lifetime license holders, which have been announced publicly on our social media like Facebook, Youtube, etc. 

1. If you have not yet upgraded to Filmora 12, you are eligible for a free upgrade to the latest version. You can refresh your login status or log out and log in to Filmora again, you will see version 12 is activated. If you have not installed version 12 yet, you can go to our official website to download and install it. 

2. If you have already paid to upgrade, our system has granted your account a one-year license of Effects and Plug-ins for free as compensation automatically. You can just go ahead to try and use Effects & Plug-ins, which includes below four types of resources in Filmora. 

If you still cannot access Effects & Plug-ins, please contact support for more help. 

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