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Why is the Render button greyed out?

In Filmora V11.7 and above, we improved the Render function. The program will recognize your device's performance. If it is good enough, then the time-consuming rendering process will not be necessary and you can still edit your video smoothly. In this case, the program will make the Render button greyed out automatically. Please do not worry. It just means your device is good enough for video editing and previewing.

If you found the Render button is greyed out but previewing video still freezes sometimes. Please try the solution below to see if it works.

  1. Go to File -> Preference -> Performance -> and turn off "Enable hardware Acceleration for video rendering and playback"
  2. Restart Filmora to see if you can use Render. 

    If the solution above does not help, please contact customer service to report the issue and get more help. 

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