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How to display recovered data on mobile phone?

1. Open WhatsApp/WhatsApp Business on the device.

2. Enable the Storage permissions from the App settings. Please note the operations may vary from different Android versions.

  • If your Android version is under 9.0, please follow the instructions below:

  • If you're using Android 9.0, please follow the instructions below:

  • If you're using Android 10.0 or above, please follow the instructions below:

3. Set WhatApp Messenger Disconnect From Google Drive

1) Log in to Google Drive. Click the 【Settings】 button in the upper left corner and select Settings

2)Switch to the Manage Apps page in Settings. Scroll to the WhatsApp Messenger list at the bottom of the page. Click the 【OPTIONS button, and select the Disconnect from Drive option.

4. Activate WhatsApp/WhatsApp Business and restore backup files

Note: For mobile phone users in China Mainland, if your backup file cannot be loaded after activating WhatsApp/WhatsApp Business, please follow the instructions below:

  • When your WhatsApp/WhatsApp Business is downloaded, log out your Google Play account.
  • Open WhatsApp/WhatsApp Business and log in your account. After you input your verification code, you will see the steps as the image displayed below. At this time, please disable your network including Wi-Fi and Mobile data.
  • Then, please continue the rest steps to finish the setup.

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