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What to do if MobileTrans(Mac) Fails to Detect Your iTunes Backups?

Recently, Apple has updated macOS Mojave (10.15) to provide better performance and experience. However, some users may find that MobileTrans-WhatsApp Transfer fails to detect iTunes backups on a Mac computer running OS 10.14.

It is because Apple blocks the permission of backup with macOS 10.14 and 10.15. Here, we provide this detailed guide to help solve this issue with a few clicks.

Please follow the steps below:

1. Click Apple logo in the upper left corner of the screen, then click System Preferences.

2. Click Security & Privacy option.

3. If you have set the lock for your computer, please type the password to unlock your computer.

4. Click Full Disk Access > Privacy.

5. Right click on MobileTrans-WhatsApp Transfer program icon, then highlight “Options” and choose “Show in Finder”.

6. Press and hold the left mouse button to move “MobileTrans-WhatsApp Transfer” icon to “Full Disk Access – Privacy”.

7. After adding MobileTrans-WhatsApp Transfer, you will see it in Full Disk Access – Privacy. Then restart MobileTrans-WhatsApp Transfer to detect your backups.

8. Well done!

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