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What are the steps to record a video?

Last Revised: 2016-11-25 18:03:39
The following steps will allow you to use the Video Recorder feature to capture a video.

1. Click on the Menu>Video Recorder to activate the recording feature. Alternatively you can click on Start>All Programs>Wondershare>Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate>Video Recorder to start the application directly.

2. Once the recorder has activated, you will notice a red frame on the screen.

3. Adjust the frame to cover the video you wish to record, and click REC button on top left corner, it will count down 3,2,1, then begin to record. Click to play your video.

4. Once it’s finished the output folder will open allowing you to view the recorded video.

1. For unregistered version, only 2min video is allowed to be recorded.
2. The recorded video will default to WMV as the file format. To change that you will need to run the video through Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate to convert it to your desired format.

1. You can set the recording time to stop after a certain time period by extending the functions after the Retake option, or press F10 to stop the recording manually.

2. The sound volume will be dictated by the original volume of the video at the time of recording.
3. The default location of the recorded videos is: Libraries>Documents>Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate>Output>Download.
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