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How to copy DVD in Video Converter Ultimate for Mac.

Last Revised: 2015-02-09 17:42:29

To copy a DVD you can follow the steps below.

Click Burn tab, after which select Copy DVD in Task drop down list, then you will see the interface as shown below.

1) Load DVD

Drag directly or click Add button to load DVD files like DVD Disc, VIDEO_TS, .dvdmedia, or ISO files that you would like to copy.

2) Start Copy

Type text in the Name box to name the DVD. There are four output types for you to choose in Copy to box: SuperDrive, DVD Folder, .dvdmedia, and ISO File. If you choose DVD Folder, .dvdmedia, or ISO File, you can choose folder location to save your DVD file in the Destination box.

Note: The product supports copying D9 to D9, D5 to D5, D5 to D9. You can not compress a D9 to a D5.

Click the Copy button. Then the product will start copying the DVD. In the middle of copying, the original DVD will be ejected and the product will prompt you insert a blank DVD.

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