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What options can I use if the DVD will not load into Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate?

Last Revised: 2018-08-27 18:19:11
The following steps will help you if you are unable to load a DVD successfully into the software.

1. Make sure that the DVD plays properly on the computer and that it’s not damaged.
2. It is recommended to download and install the following plug-in to assist:
Download URL: http://www.protectdvd.com/
How to install: http://www.protectdvd.com/use-free-dvd-protection-removal-on-windows.html

If the DVD still fails to load into the software, check to see if another DVD will load. If you are still having the problem with another DVD, you may need to update the driver for the DVD player, and it’s recommended to re-install the software. The steps below will help to fix the issue.

1. Uninstall the software from your computer, and then restart the computer.
2. Turn off your anti-virus software, and then re-download the installer package again. If you are able to, try to install the software on a different disk than the default location of C: drive.
3. If you are running Windows Vista or later, right click (right mouse button) the icon on your desktop and choose Run as administrator.
4. Right click (right mouse button) My Computer on your desktop and select Manage > Device Manager > DVD/CD-ROM drives to find the DVD drive, and then right click (right mouse button) and choose to update the driver.

If you are still having problems, contact us with the brand of disc you are using, the version of your DVD drive and the driver number, and the log folder.
To access the log files, follow these instructions:

1. Right click (right mouse button) the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate icon on your desktop, and choose Properties>Find Target, or Open File Location to view the installation path.
2. Find the folder named “Log” and submit the contents of that folder to us for review.

If the situation occurs with several DVD’s it could be due to new encryption on the discs. If you could contact us with the links of the DVD’s on www.amazon.com and we will try to acquire copies to investigate the situation farther.
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