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How do I fix “General error”, “iTunes Player Error”, or “iTunes not installed” message?

Last Revised: 2018-08-27 18:19:11
To convert a DRM M4V file from iTunes, our software will open iTunes automatically and play the DRM file and then record the playback to remove the protection. If you end up with a “General error” message and iTunes fails to open, follow the steps below to solve this issue.

1). Ensure that you have the latest version of iTunes from the link below:

2). Click Store>Authorize This Computer to authorize the file on your computer.


3). Make sure that you set iTunes to play the video in a separate window first. Start playing the chosen file, and right click (right mouse button) on the video, and choose Play Video in Separate Window.


4. Restart the conversion with the new settings.

To troubleshot,please reproduce this issue with our product and send us the zip log files for further analysis.

1. Right click (right mouse button) the shortcut of the software, and select Properties > Find Target or Open File Location to find the path of the software installation.
2. Find a folder named “log” and send all the files in the folder to use when you contact us so that we can expedite the situation for you.

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