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How do I fix the “invalid directory” error?

Last Revised: 2018-02-03 13:38:00
If the source path, name of the source file, or the output file path is too complicated, you will get the “invalid directory” error, and the method below will help solve that.

1. Click the Menu button and set the output file path to a simple location on a local disc.

2. Transfer the source file to a local disc using a simple path such as “C:<user name>”.

3. If you are running Parallels on an Apple computer, and the Windows side is unable to access the folder, make sure that it is not locked. To do this right click (right mouse button) on the file and check to unlock it.

4. Make sure there are no unrecognizable characters in the source files name. Only use numbers or letters in the file name, no characters like “/” or “?”, etc.

Note: It’s recommended to not save the source file and output file in the same location, as the source file may be overwritten if they share the same path, name, and file format.

If you are still having difficulties after trying all of that, contact us with a screenshot of the error message and the log file.

1. To take a screen shot, you can press PRINTSCREEN on the keyboard and then click Start>All Programs > Accessories > Paint to access the paint program. Use CTRL+V to paste the screenshot and then save it. Once you have that saved, contact us and include the screenshot for us to find a solution.

2. To access the log files, follow these instructions:

1). Right click (right mouse button) the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate icon on your desktop, and choose Properties > Find Target, or Open File Location to view the installation path.

2). Find the folder named “Log” and submit the contents of that folder to us for review.

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