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How to fix "invalid directory" error.

Last Revised: 2014-09-16 19:43:20

The the product will say "invalid directory" if the file path of the source file, the name of the source file  or the output file path is too complicated. You can use the methods below to fix this:

1. Click the Open Folder button to set the output path to a simple location on a local disk.
2. Save the source file to a local disk with simple path, such as D:/user.
3. If you are using the parallel Windows OS, make sure the folder is not locked. You can right-click the folder to check this.
4. Change the name of the source file to a simple one. Ensure that there is no unrecognizable characters such as "/", "?" in the file name. 


Note: Don't save the source file and the output file in the same folder. The source file will be overwritten by the output file if they have the same path, name and file format.

In case this does not work, contact us with a screenshot of the error message and the log file. 

1. To take a screen shot, you can press the PRINTSCREEN button on the keyboard and then click Start>All Programs>Accessories>Paint to open a window. Use CTRL+V to paste the screenshot then save the file and send it to us.

2. To find log folder, you can follow:

1) Right-click the shortcut of the program, and select Properties>Find Target or Open File Location to open the installation path.

2) Find a folder named "log" and send all the files in the folder to us.


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