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What would cause the DVD burn to fail?

Last Revised: 2018-08-27 18:18:58
The following items could cause your DVD to fail to burn properly:

1. The software’s temp folder doesn’t have enough space to store the data.
2. There is a problem with the burn engine.
3. The DVD driver is damaged or out of date.
4. The computer is overloaded and trying to do too many things.

The steps below will help you to resolve the error.

1. Ensure that you have enough space in your Temp File folder. To adjust this click on Settings>General to locate the path to your temp file, and then move some of the files out to make more space. You will need at least 25mb to run the software.
2. Double check to make sure that your DVD driver is working, and update it by checking with the manufacturer for an updated version.
3. Click on Create>Burn to DVD>Options and select StarBurn if the WinBurn engine isn’t working.
4. Click on Create, and then Output Settings to select Create DVD Image file to burn the slideshow to an ISO file. If your ISO file is working, you may need to use an alternate burning software such as Nero or Roxio to burn the ISO to a disc.

If you are still having problems, contact us with the log folder so that we can review the situation and get a resolution.

1. Right click (right mouse button) the shortcut for the program, and select Properties>Find Target or Open File Location to open the installation path.
2. Find the folder named “log” and then send us all of the files in that folder for review.
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