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How would I improve the quality of the output file?

Last Revised: 2016-11-25 18:03:47
Many factors will be involved in the output quality of your file, as in the source file, computer configuration, and the output parameters you choose for the file. To improve your output quality, it is advised to close any unnecessary programs to make sure that the computer is not over tasked as conversion is very CPU intensive. Below you will find the instructions for the different source files, as the solution is different for all.

1. For DVDs:
1. Make sure that your DVD is not damaged and that the driver for your DVD drive is updated to the latest version. To update that driver, you can right click (right mouse button) on My Computer on your desktop, and then select Manage>Device Manager> DVD/CD-ROM. This will allow you to choose the DVD drive you need to update, and the right click (right mouse button) and choose to update the driver.

2. Add the DVD by clicking on the Load DVD button, and then click the Settings button to set the conversion to High Quality and keep the default settings.

3. If you are still having issues after this, it may be due to the encryption on the DVD, and we may need to investigate it further for you. We would ask that you contact us with a link to the DVD’s on www.amazon.com and a screenshot of the output settings that you have chosen.

2. For non-protected video files:
1. Ensure that the video plays fine on the computer, and that there is no corruption to the file.
2. Click the Settings button to select High Quality and keep the default paramaters.
3. If the source and output will are both supported by High Speed Conversion, you can enable that feature through Menu>Preferences>Convert. For more information about High Speed Conversion follow this http://support.wondershare.com/how-tos/what-is-high-speed-conversion-and-how-to-use-it.html .

If after trying these settings you are still having issues, visit http://dropcanvas.com/ and upload the video then contact us with the share link when you have it fully uploaded.

3. For DRM files:
1. Click on Menu>Preferences>DRM to set the capture size that will work for you. If you are running a more powerful computer, you can choose Original Size. If your computer is on the slower end, it’s recommended to choose Half of Original or Auto.
2. Add your chosen file by clicking on Add Files, then click on the Settings button and choose Standard. If the output audio and video end up out of synch, then select Small Size as the output and reconvert the file again.
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