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How to improve the output file quality.

Last Revised: 2014-03-26 19:04:32

The output video quality depends on many factors, such as source file, computer configuration, and the output parameters you choose. For a better output quality, it is advisable to close other unnecessary programs to make sure the computer is not over task first. For different source files, there are different solutions.

1. For DVDs:
1) Make sure the DVD is not damaged and the DVD driver is the latest version. To update the DVD driver, you can right-click My Computer on the desktop, select Manage>Device Manager>DVD/CD-ROM drives to find the DVD drive and right-click the drive to update it.
2) Add the DVD using the Load DVD button, then click the Settings button to select High Quality and keep the default parameters.
3) If this doesn't help, there could be special or new encryption on the DVDs, we may need to buy the discs to investigate further and update the software to support them. Can you please contact us with the links of the DVDs on www.amazon.com and a screenshot of the output parameters you chose.

2. For non-protected video files:
1) Be sure that the video plays well on the computer and that it is not damaged.
2) Click the Settings button to select High Quality and keep the default parameters.
3) If the source file and the output format you choose are supported by the High Speed Conversion, you can click Menu>Preferences>Convert to enable the High Speed Conversion. For more information about High Speed Conversion, you can visit this link.

If this doesn't work, click this link  http://dropcanvas.com/  to upload the video, then contact us  with the share link when you're finished.

3. For DRM files:
1) Click the Menu >Preferences>DRM to set capture size. If the computer is powerful enough, you can choose Original Size. If not, you can choose Half of original or Auto.
2) Add the file using Add Files, then click the Settings button and select Standard. If the output audio and video are not synchronized, you can select Small Size as the output and try again.

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