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How to trim videos.

Last Revised: 2013-12-04 14:11:31

After loading the file to the product, click Edit button on the video:

Click the Trim button to add a pair of sliders with a number on each of them. Drag to divide the two sliders and the part between the two is what you want. You can also type digits in Start Time and End Time to define it.

This product supports multi-trim, so you can trim several parts from one video at one time. Click the scissors to add more trim sliders and define the part you want. The Start Time and End Time show the time point of current pair of trim sliders. For example, if you choose 1 in the list beside the Trim button, then the Start Time and End Time and Trimmed Length belong to the first pair of trim sliders. You can click the trash bin to remove current sliders.

Tips: When you use multiple-trimming, the product will combine all your trimmed parts into a single video, instead of splitting it into several parts. Therefore, if you need to split your source video into several videos, you can import the source video several times, and then trim one by one.

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