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How do you trim videos?

Last Revised: 2018-02-03 11:31:43
1. Click on the Edit button under the video.

2. Go to the Trim tab and click on the scissor icon to add a pair of sliders.
3. Drag the sliders. The content between the sliders will be kept and the content outside the sliders will be trimmed off.
4. You can also specify the start time and end time of the video.

The software can also do multiple trims. To do that, click on the scissors icon again to add another pair of sliders. The sliders will now be numbered. You can switch from each pair of sliders by going to the drop down list next to the scissors icon.

To remove the sliders, click on the trash icon.

Tip: When you are doing multiple trims, the software will combine all the trimmed videos together. If you need to split your videos to be separate files, you will need to import the source video several times and trim them one by one.
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