How to fix if the product reminds "No install virtual audio device".

Last Revised: 2015-12-15 11:23:40
This case is caused by the virtual audio device is not installed completely. Here are the steps to reinstall the product.
1) Uninstall the product, restart the computer, delete the folder where the product was installed and then re-download the product.
2) Close anti-virus software when downloading.
3) Install the product in other local disk instead of the default local disk C.
4) If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, when the set up finishes, right-click the icon on the desk top of your computer, and select Run as administrator.

During the installation, a reminder would be prompted asking whether you want to install the Virtual audio device or not, choose Continue any way. If you have stopped the installation of the virtual card, the product will not work correctly.

If the above doesn't help you, please contact us with all files in the log folder. You can find the log files in the folder where the product is installed.
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