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After I submit a ticket, how long before Support replies to me?

Last Revised: 2018-08-27 18:19:21
After you submit the ticket successfully, our customer support team will review your case and contact you within 12 hours (Mon-Fri) and within 48 hours on weekends (Sat-Sun) with the solution, or to request more information if we need it. If you do not receive the message, it is possible that your email security settings or spam filters are preventing Wondershare messages from reaching your Inbox. It is recommended that you check your junk/bulk/unknown/spam/trash folders to see if it was diverted to those. If it has, we would request that you set up our e-mail address to your whitelist as that will allow you to get our replies in a timely fashion.

Alternatively, you can sign in to our Support Center(http://support.wondershare.com/) to check our reply in the My Ticket section. While checking for a response in the My Ticket section, you may also evaluate our service by clicking Rate The Service to help us to improve the quality of our service. We look forward to hearing your comments, and know that it will help us to improve and create a better customer experience.
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