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What to do when my preview is black?

Could you please follow the solutions below to see if it works?

Open Preferences>Performance>uncheck ”Playback using latest rendering engine for better performance”, click OK to save.

Restart the program to check if the issue is fixed.

If the issue persists, open dxdiag--> Switch to Display tab and then check if both DirectDraw and Direct3D are in the status of Enabled (refer to the screenshots below).

If they are not, we suggest you upgrade the graphic card to have a try. Here are the steps:

Step1: Right-click “My Computer” and select "Properties".

Step2: Click "Device Manager"--> "Display Adapter", then right-click the graphics card and select Update Driver.

Step3: Click Automatically search for updated driver software, wait for the search result, and close it after the installation is complete.

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