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How do I get a new registration code with my free update?

Last Revised: 2018-02-03 13:37:43
There are two ways to upgrade your software:

1. For the Windows versions, you can click on Menu in the upper-right corner of the software to choose Check for updates, and the software will look for an update and then suggest that you do the upgrade automatically.
    For Mac software, you would need to launch the program, and then click on Preference from the upper left corner of your Mac window, and select Check for updates from the drop down list.

2. You can download the latest version from our Official Website http://www.wondershare.com/ and reinstall the software, you don't have to pay again.
After you update the product to a new version, if it does not ask you for a new code, then it is already registered for you. If you are asked for a new registration code, you can retrieve that from either of the options below to generate that new registration code.

1) Upgrade the product via Registration Code Retrieval system
Step 1: Choose the Retrieve Registration Code option from our support center list, then enter the Licensed E-mail or Order Number, and then click on Submit.
Step 2: Once the order has been displayed on the screen, select the checkbox in front of the order number, and click Submit.
Step 3: The current registration information will be displayed on screen, and you can click on Check here to upgrade.
Step 4: The new download link and registration code will be e-mailed to you directly.

2) Upgrade the software in the Member Zone
Step 1: Sign into the Member Zone from the link below and you will see your order information on the My Order tab.
Step 2: Click Detail in the Operation column and your current registration information will be displayed.
Step 3: Click Upgrade and the new registration information will appear on the page for you.
Step 4: Download and install the new version from the link given and then register it with the new code that you have received.
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