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How do I get a refund of taxes paid?

Last Revised: 2018-05-22 14:39:48
If you have been charged taxes by our payment platform, and you are a tax exempt entity, you will need to contact the payment platform directly. For reversal of the taxes, you would need to fax a copy of Certificate of Exemption form which proves the tax exemption status to the number listed below for your corresponding country. Once that has been received, it is expected that you will get a return of your sales tax within 1-2 business days.

Fax numbers are as follows- all are toll free unless marked with a *. If your country is not listed, please fax to the USA number +1 (866) 219 9380

USA (888) 219 9380 (toll free)
Canada (866) 723 3438 (toll free)
United Kingdom +44 1159 541111*
Australia 1800 013971
Belgium use UK number
Finland 0925 360011 *
France 0800 917034
Germany 0800 1808295 Ireland 1 800 509147
Italy 800 781703
Netherlands use UK number
New Zealand 0508 555300
Portugal 800 844030 Spain 900 95 8968
Switzerland 0800 835132
Sweden 0207 94125
UK +44 1159 541111*

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