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Why did the program ask me to pay again after I update to PDFelement 10 though I have a perpetual license?

Please kindly note that with the perpetual license, you have lifetime access to only the major version that has been purchased, and you can get minor updates for free within that major version. However, it does not include new major upgrades. That's why the software might say you have the trial version and ask you to pay again after you update from an older version to PDFelement 10.

Currently, for users who have an old version (5/6/7/8/9) perpetual license, we have an exclusive discount for you to upgrade. We highly recommend you go to the upgrade page below and enter your license email to check the discount. 

After the upgrade, you will have full access to features of the new version. If you do not need to upgrade at present, you can feel free to go back to use the old version you purchased.

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