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What to do if I can't find USB storage mode on my device?

Last Revised: 2018-08-27 18:19:16
If your device has been successfully analyzed, our software will help you to scan the device without setting the USB Storage mode. If the device has failed to analyze, then you will need to turn on USB Storage mode to scan for videos and photos.

If you can’t find USB Storage mode on the device, the following steps will help you find that.

1. Ensure that your USB cable between your device and your computer has been connected correctly. The best way to confirm this will be to reseat the cable.
2. For some Android devices that are running OS 4.X, the USB to PC connection will be MTP or PTP and these will be shows as Connected as a media device (MTP), or Connected as a camera (PTP). When in these modes, you are unable to set the USB Storage mode.

These following tips will let you check to see if your device is a MTP/PTP USB device or not.
1. Pull down on the upper notification bar (the black or white bar at the top of the screen)

2. Click on Connected as a media device/Connected as a camera.

3. You will then have the following screen displayed for you.

Note: If analysis of the device has failed and also the USB Storage mode can’t be set, then unfortunately your device may not be supported by this product.

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